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Supplement Request:
It is important you be as accurate as possible in completing this form. SCA will use the information you provide to route your supplement request to the best possible resource.
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Repair Facility please note:

No supplements for additional repairs will be honored without prior written approval. Verbal supplement approvals by the SCA Field Appraiser are not binding and may be denied by the insurance company. Additionally, once the SCA Appraiser reinspects the vehicle for any supplemental damages, the supplement estimate may be subject to audit and approval by the insurance company. If the supplemental estimate is approved, the insurance company claims adjuster will confirm the acceptance and payment with the vehicle owner. The vehicle owner has the duty to provide you with the Authorization to Repair on vehicle. Submitting a supplement request online does not constitute an acceptance or approval of any supplemental charges.

If you have questions or have not received a response from the SCA Field Appraiser within 24 hours of vehicle available date please contact SCA at (800)572-8010.